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As well as being able to order our plants from our usual A to Z list, you will soon be able to shop from our new range of categories.

What’s more, you will also have the option to merchandise these plants to your chosen category. And all of it can be done whist still maintaining your personalised branded labelling and pricing. An all new range of bench banners will also be available to order online.

Check out our exciting ordering system which enables all this to be a simple, alternative way you can order plants and merchandise your benches.

To access our online ordering service click the button below and fill out our registration form to apply or Log In.

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All orders must be received by 12 noon Monday to guarantee delivery that week. Order confirmation is sent via email only when your order is entered into our system. If you have not received confirmation after 24 hours please let us know as soon as possible.

All plants are offered subject to availability at the time of sale and any prices shown exclude VAT.

Our Plants

All the plants we sell are grown on our own nursery. From seed, cutting or division around 90% of them are produced in our own propagation unit. This helps us keep up a good range of plants at competitive prices.

1 litre plants
1 litre plants are potted up from our jumbo plugs
3 litre plants
3 litre plants are potted up from our liner size plugs

Using these large plugs enables us to produce a well established plant ready for sale in less time. We also suffer very little losses as plants are already established.


Deliveries can be arranged anywhere in mainland U.K. A minimum order of 24 trays is required unless collecting from the nursery.

Our Compost

All out plants are grown in our own 30% reduced peat compost, designed to keep them in excellent condition on the garden centre bench. It will stay open and stands up well to excessive rain or during winter months.

Our compost is made up from:

  • A blend of English and Irish peat
  • A 12 to 14 month controlled release fertiliser that will keep plants in good condition without the need to give extra feed

Bar Coding

Bar codes are on all labels to identify the pot size and the price range. If you would prefer we can produce individual bar codes for each variety this enables you to keep stock records within your system and also allows for different retail prices on some varieties. We can provide excel spread sheets of our complete range and bar codes on request. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Trade Shows

If you would like to meet us we would welcome you to visit our nursery. Please see the contact us page for address and contact information. If it is more convenient here is a list of trade shows we will be attending this year:

  • National Plant Show, June at Stoneleigh park, Coventry
  • Four Oaks Trade Show, September at Macclesfield, Cheshire
  • GroSouth, November Chichester at West Sussex
  • British Plant Fair, March at Stoneleigh park

Point of Sale Packaging

1 litre perennials

1 Litre Perennials

Packed 12 pots per box 
A comprehensive range of perennials available all year round. 

All 1 litre perennials supplied with colour tickets in a display box with a picture bed card and an optional back board.

3 litre perennials

3 Litre Perennials

Packed 6 pots per box 
A good range of plants grown for seasonal interest and impulse sales. 

All of our 3 litre plants are supplied with colour tickets and an extra large bed card as part of our point of sale package.

Personalised labels

Set yourself apart from the rest with our personalised label options. Our stick in label and bed card can be printed with your garden centre name and logo with a choice of coloured backgrounds. We can also add your name and telephone number or other contact details on the reverse of the labels.

If required the label can also have your retail price on the front. There is automatically a bar code on the reverse and there is no charge to set this up, provided you can provide a JPEG or similar format copy of your logo in good time for your first order.

1 Litre Bed Card

1 Litre Example Bed Card

Plant information on the back of the labels is printed reversed enabling the text to be read without the need to remove tickets from the pots.

Label example

3 Litre Bed Card

Your own Garden Centre name with logo on ticket and bed card, also choose background colour to match your centre colour scheme.

3 Litre Bed Card Example

New Varieties

New varieties can be found on our Catalogue page

About Us

Back in 1952 my parents Doug and Win Lodge started a nursery in Battlesbridge to grow produce for my fathers greengrocers shop in Chelmsford. By 1979 expansion caused us to run out of space so the Bridge Nursery site was bought and run along with the original nursery. The box bedding and perennial crops were transferred to Bridge Nursery.

In 1998, after his training and a year of work on a perennial nursery in Holland my son Steve joined the company. By 2004 the expanding perennial crop had finally pushed out the remaining box bedding and Bridge Nursery concentrated totally on perennials. Pete, my other son had been through his training with Steve, spent a year working on a nursery in America and went on to become a grower of a local nursery until February 2005 when he joined us here.

July 2005 brought about the separation of Bridge Nursery from the parent company and we set out on our own. Bridge Nursery is a family company with a history of over 60 years, growing high quality plants and offering good customer service.

In 2008 Pete and Steve's wives, Emily and Lou gave up their jobs to dedicate more time to the expanding nursery.

2018/2019 A further 10 acres of land has been purchased to enable us to cope with an expanding market.

David Lodge

Steve Lodge
Pete Lodge
Lou Lodge
Gayner Lodge
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