Personalised 1 Litre Display Packages

A comprehensive range of perennials (over 1400 varieties) available all year round, 1 litre plants are packed 12 pots per box.

Our pot labels and bed cards can be printed with your garden centre name and logo.

Personalised 3 Litre Display Packages

A good range of plants (almost 900 varieties) grown for seasonal interest and impulse sales 3 litre plants are packed 6 pots per box.

Bed card pack

A larger bed card comes with this pack for even more impact and also includes the descriptive logos.

Large pot label pack. No bed card

This has been designed for instances where a bed card is not required and larger pot labels are preferred.

Increasing Plant Sales

We can also print directly on your label and bed cards a fantastic looking offer that stands out from the crowd.

It is totally customisable by yourselves as to the look, shape, colours and text!

Extra bench banners will soon be available that can help reinforce your offers.